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The following types of India visa are issued to foreign nationals in accordance with the purpose of their visit. Details of requisite documentation may please be accessed at the website of concerned Mission/Post or Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi.

Type of visa Abbreviation
Transit TR
Entry X
Tourist T
Employment E
Project P
Student S
Journalist J
Business B
Mountaineering X
Conference/Seminar/Meeting C
Research R
Medical MED
Medical Attendant MEDX

  1. Transit Visa: Transit visas valid for up to 15 days and up to two entries are issued to foreign nationals passing through India on their way to another country. The applicant should possess an air ticket for onward journey to a destination beyond India.
  2. Entry Visa: People of Indian origin, spouse and dependent children of a person with business or work visa is issued, both domestic and foreign people traveling to India to adopt a / a child / a, and those who property in India. It also applies to athletes who will participate in an international sports event and Pilots / Hostesses who will perform commercial flights.
    Also for all the Professors wanting to deliver lectures in Indian Universities under GIAN Scheme are supposed to apply for Entry Type to Visa.
  3. Tourist Visa In order to curb the abuse or misuse of the Tourist Visa, instructions have been given by the Government to establish the following restrictions:

    1. If you are a journalist or working in the company "Media" or Producer, Producer Film / TV, Professional camera, Writer, Publicist and professional photographer, Graphic Designer,…or ask for a tourist visa, before submitting your application at our office Arke BLS, you should send an e-mail to the Embassy of India in Madrid at with the following details:
      1. Name of the company represented.
      2. Report type to be performed in India.
      3. Places to be visited in India / itinerary.
      4. Residence time and dates of visits.
      5. Full name and contact telephone
      6. Copy of accreditation card.
      7. Any other details/documentation that you may deem necessary.
    2. Tourist visas can only be claimed for a minimum period of 3 months and maximum of 6 months. The maximum stay in India can not exceed 90 days and start the visa such request.
  4. Employment Visa: Work visas are granted to foreigners provided that the applicant is a skilled professional, qualified or person being hired by a company, organization, industry in India with a contract or employment relationship senior, since qualified as a technical expert , senior executive or managerial position. The employment contract is required as proof of employment.
    Are included those traveling to collaborate with any NGO.
  5. Project Visa: Project visa is a sub-set of employment visa and is granted to foreigners employed for executing Steel and Power Sector Projects.
  6. Student Visa: Student visa valid up to one year or duration of course (whichever is less) is granted to a foreigner coming to India to pursue a course of regular and fulltime academic studies in a recognized institution. The applicant should furnish proof of admission in a recognized/reputed educational institution and evidence of financial support. In case of admission to a medical or para-medical course, a no objection certificate from the Ministry of Health must be furnished. Student visa valid for up to 6 months can be granted for exploring admission or for taking admission tests. There is no restriction on the number of courses of study that can be pursued or with respect to change of course or institute or both. The list of recognized institutions/universities is available on the website (
  7. Journalist Visa: Missions/Posts may issue Journalist visa valid for up to three months to professional journalists, press-persons, film-persons (other than commercial films), representatives of radio and television organizations and similar personnel in the field of information such as travel writing, travel journalism, travel promotion/ photography, television production, advertising and those who write on fashion, sports. etc. Holders of journalist visa are advised to contact upon arrival in New Delhi, the External Publicity Division of M.E.A. and in other places, the Office of the GOI's Press Information Bureau, so that they may be given assistance in various matters including planning itineraries.

    If you are a journalist or Producer (Film / TV), Professional cameraman, Writer, Publicist or Professional photographer, this visa would be applicable to you and you will need to follow the procedure as below:

    Before submitting your application at our office Arke BLS, you should send an e-mail to the Embassy of India in Madrid at with the following details:

    1. Name of the company represented.
    2. Report type to be performed in India.
    3. Places to be visited in India / itinerary.
    4. Residence time and dates of visits.
    5. Full name and contact telephone
    6. Copy of accreditation card.
    7. Any other details/documentation that you may deem necessary.

    It is advisable that such a request be made two months in advance to allow for the requisite processes.

    Documentary filming applicants should also apply for this type of visa following the procedures and guidelines as above.

    Arke BLS Center will process the visa only once they are authorised by the Indian Embassy.

  8. Business Visa: This visa is for foreigners that are going to visit India for commercial relations, it means, sell their products, looking for expected commercial relations or something like that. All of them need to provide and evidence of finantial supports and business experience. This type of visa it could be issued for maximum period of one year.

  9. Conference/Seminar Visa: Visas may be granted by Missions/Posts to foreign delegates to international conferences, seminars etc conducted by Government bodies, Public Sector Undertakings or Government aided bodies and NGOs provided necessary clearance by nodal Ministries/Departments of the Government of India/State Governments is in place.
  10. Research Visa: Depending upon recognition/reputation of the research institution and eligibility of the applicant, Missions/Posts may grant research visa valid for up to three years or duration of research project, whichever is earlier, except scholars of certain nationalities or/and where research work involves visits to 'Restricted' or 'Protected' areas in India or areas affected by terrorism, militancy and extremism etc.
    However Research Visas are not meant for Professors and Distinquished Faculty invited to deliver lectures in Indian Universities under GIAN Scheme.
  11. Medical & Medical Attendant Visa: After satisfying themselves, Indian Missions/Posts abroad may issue Medical Visa (MED) valid for 03 months or the period of treatment, whichever is less, to foreign nationals visiting India for medical treatment in reputed/recognized specialized hospitals/treatment centres in India. Visa is permissible for treatment under Indian system of Medicine also. Attendants/family members of patients coming to India for medical treatment shall be granted Medical Attendant visa (MEDX) co-terminus with the Medical visa of the patient. Attendants should be spouse/children or those having blood relations with the patient. Not more than two attendants are allowed.
  12. Restricted/Protected Area Permits: Visas issued to foreigners are not valid for certain specified areas. Special permits viz. Restricted or Protected Area Permits are required to visit them. These permits are issued by Indian Missions/Posts abroad and MHA/State Governments in India. All Tibetan settlement are Restricted Areas.
  13. Registration: Foreigners entering India on Student visa, Employment visa, Research visa, Missionary visa valid for more than 180 days are required to get themselves registered with the concerned Foreigners Registration Office within 14 days of their arrival in India. Foreigners holding any other type of visa valid for more than 180 days do not require registration if the period of their stay in India on each visit is less than 180 days. However, they must register themselves within 180 days of arrival if the period of their continuous stay exceeds 180 days. For more details, please access the website of MHA or Bureau of Immigration (
  14. Pakistani Nationals and Foreigners of Pak Origin: Visa is granted to Pakistani nationals and foreigners of Pak origin only after clearance by concerned authorities. Pakistani nationals holding visitors visa are required to register themselves at the check post of entry within 24 hours of their reaching the specified places. Pak nationals are permitted to enter into and exit from India only through designated check posts.
  15. Extension of Visa: Extension of visa, while in India, is dealt by Foreigners Regional Registration Offices, Ministry of Home Affairs.
  16. Diplomatic, official/service and ordinary passport holders of certain countries are exempt under bilateral agreements from visa requirement. A list of such countries is appended. (Appendix III)
  17. Since 2006, a number of Indian Missions/Posts abroad have outsourced visa services. A list as on 1-4-2012 is appended (Appendix-IV). A few of the missions/posts have outsourced passport and consular services also. Details of Service Provider and visa procedure may be accessed at the website of concerned Mission/Post. The Missions/Posts abroad receive only the Visa Application Fee prescribed by the Govt. of India, through the Visa Outsourcing Agency which charges an additional fee from foreign nationals towards service rendered on account of collection of applications, travel documents and return of the same, after affixing visa by the Mission/Post. The Government of India, in no way, reaps any monetary benefit from outsourcing of visa services nor any funds from the Government exchequer are involved in setting up of visa outsourcing centres which are solely the responsibility of the Service Provider.


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