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"Official Website Authorized by Indian Embassy"
Arke BLS Center, S.L. has been appointed to accept visa applications for India

For going to India, you need a Visa. You can process directly with India with the E-Visa, without send to us your passport. Follow this link and apply for:, or you can apply in our office in Madrid or Courier Seur for the REGULAR VISA APPLICATION.

Do you want to know how is the
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Visado Online
Additional cost of 10 euros,
our professionals can complete
the visa online form at our offices in Arke BLS Center

Arke BLS Center S.L - Indian Passports Filling of Online Application Forms for Indian Passports Consular Services

(All Types) At Cost of € 10 in Calle Cardenal Marcelo Spinola 4, 1A, 28016 Madrid
02 minutes walking distance from the Embassy (Click here to map)

Indian Embassy Madrid [Click to access the Indian Embassy Information]
EMBASSY Regarding the latest news about fraudulent websites, which doubles the website where you must complete the visa application for India, advised that it is not a valid application nor authorized page. The only website authorized by the Indian Embassy in Madrid is:, corresponding to Arke BLS Center SL in Madrid. Kindly direct access to printed visa application online through the following link:
The Indian embassy in Madrid is not responsible for any transactions on another website or agency. To access the only form of payment click on the following link:


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